For Those in Need of iPhone Repair After Messing With Their Device  |

For Those in Need of iPhone Repair After Messing With Their Device

January 27th, 2017

You played with your iPhone and it no longer works. What to do? Depending on the issue there are a few options.

For Those in Need of iPhone Repair After Messing With Their Device


When people need a repair for their phone the thing that they may look for first when searching for a repair company is who can do it for the cheapest price. However, as with many other services, you really do get what you pay for. If companies are able to repair your iPhone cheaply then there is a good chance that they are making cutbacks somewhere along the line. Breaking your phone is bad enough but having it repaired only to face more problems further down the line is even worse. There are certain things that you should look for in an iPhone repair service other than cost.

If you damaged your  iPhone b y trying to jailbreak it or any other type of softwre related issue then you can try various types of repairs based on the symptoms your device shows. Ig it is a physical issue like abroken screen or a motherboard failure you have to either do it yourself or take it a a repair store. There are many repair store ur there but chosigng one if very important which is the reason I am writing this article. Seaking from my own experience, the choice of the repair store is the most important factore especially for physically damaged devices. Don't be fooled, the phone can have a sotware issue and be even more damaged after attempting a repair at the store if the technicians are not professionals. Therefore,always deal with professiobnals and people who know what they do in the industry. Backup your device if tt is a physically damaged iPhone before taking it to the store (do not depend on them backing up your deveice; what if they forget?). Anyway, here are some important factors you need to know for chosing a repair store.

Use of Quality Parts

A reputable company will only use the best parts and while this may be a little more expensive you can be sure that the quality is there. Using cheaper parts can cause further problems with the phone later on and may even damage the phone. This will lead to the need for more repairs. A good company will have no issues with telling you what parts they use in their repairs and if you cannot get a straight answer from the company then this may be a sign that you need to look elsewhere. Find a company that has original parts only. Don't compromise on that. How do you know if they have original parts? One way is to check their warranty (more on that below). For example, iTech Wireless offers iphone screen repair services for all models of iPhones. Their websire mentions that they only use original parts (genuine manufacturer parts) and offer a lifetime warranty! You can't go wrong with that one. I also checked their repair price and that's a good place to check into if you are in need repair for your iPhone. And, of course, you have to realise that the warranty probably does not cover physical damage. But for a screen that makes sense since after a repair, and some time, the lcd may start acting up which means the part is defective or the technician need to repair it again.

A Service That Is Quick

When your phone is broken you will want it to be repaired as quickly as possible. For software related issues you may need to leave your phone in store for a few days until the issue is resolved (which is ok, I mean what will you do wit the phone meanwhile anyways since it doesn't work). You do not want the company to be carrying out the work without paying due attention to what they are doing but most repairs can be completed in a short amount of time. Many companies offer a 'while you wait' service where it can be completed in less than an hour. If this is not possible then you should still be able to get your phone repaired by the end of the day. Bottom line, check the repair time for the service you need. The store I mentioned above iTech Wireless states on their website what time is required for each repair type. The iPhone 6S Screen Replacement time is listed together with the cost for the repair and the 6S battey replacement time is listed as well for both time and repair price. So in my opinion, the company knows what they are doing if they know how long it takes them to fix the iPhone based on the problem.

No Payment Required Upfront

You should never have to make a payment to a company before the repair has been made. You should be especially wary of companies that charge you just to look at the phone to determine what the problem is, especially if it is something obvious such as an iPhone screen repair. A reputable company will be able to look at your phone for free and then tell you what repair is needed and how much this will cost. You will then be able to make the decision about whether you want to go ahead with the repair.

Warranty Offered

If a warranty is offered with the repair then this is a good sign that you will be getting a quality service. This suggests that the company have confidence in the quality of the parts that they are using. You will also get peace of mind that if anything does go wrong then it will not cost you any more money to put it right.

When you need a cell phone repair it is still a good idea to check with a number of different companies to ensure that you are getting a good deal. You do not want to pay more than you have to but you should remember that if one service seems considerably cheaper than all the others, this may be a sign that something is not right.

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