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November 17th, 2010 2 Comments

What is iPhone Jailbreak?

In short, Jailbreak is the process of hacking an iPhone to free it from Apple restrictions.

Because the iPhone is far from flawless as Apple created it, thousands of iPhone users have flocked to Jailbreak in search of iPhone changes and improvements. iPhone has been held back by limited customizability, text message privacy issues, and a lack of multitasking capabilities. But Jailbreak can solve all of these problems with apps and fixes available in Cydia and Installer.

Cydia and Installer are the unofficial “App Stores” of the Jailbreak world. Developers create apps and tweaks and different utilities and upload them to these package managers, which organize everything into categories. The differences between Cydia and the App Store are the lack of an app approval process, and the lack of access limits on the iPhone software — i.e. you can do things Apple did not design the iPhone software to do.


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2 Comments to “About”

  1. Athong says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have bought an iPhone 4s AT&T via Amazon (US) two months ago. i still can't use it as it is locked. So can you help me unlock and jailbreak my iPhone? Presently, I reside in Thailand. Thank you.

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