Here’s a Free IMEI Checker to Check if You Have an AT&T iPhone |

Here’s a Free IMEI Checker to Check if You Have an AT&T iPhone

January 24th, 2013 2 Comments

Not sure if you have an AT&T iPhone? Use this free tool! FYI, AT&T iPhone can now be officially and permanently unlocked.

Enter your 15-digit IMEI below (Go to Settings, General, About), if it turns Green, it’s an AT&T iPhone so get it permanently unlocked by placing your order here, if it turns Red it is either:

  • locked to other network OR
  • the server is busy (wait for 60 seconds and try again)

NOTE: Temporarily Offline. Use this instead.


Please wait about 45-60 seconds in between queries to get the most accurate result, avoid overloading the server as that might not give you any result at all.

Got an AT&T iPhone? Great, unlock it here! No more jailbreaking or cracking your head to unlock it.

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An IT specialist by day and an iPhone hardware repair specialist by night. Enjoys iPhone jailbreaking, unlocking and hardware hacks.

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2 Comments to “Here’s a Free IMEI Checker to Check if You Have an AT&T iPhone”

  1. Thanks for sharing this guide! it works well and this is the easiest way to unlock my phone.

  2. jimber ruado says:

    please help me to unlock my phone,i dont have money to pay it because its just a gift,i hope some one help me to unclock it,thank you so much.

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