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December 6th, 2011 3 Comments

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3 Comments to “Home”

  1. sarvesh says:

    iphone 3gs running slow after upgrading to ios 5.0.1 with ipad baseband 6.15.00
    Any solution to this? google didn help :(

  2. riskmore says:

    My iPhone 3gs with early serial number and late ROM was unlocked, jailbroken and working fine until it updated to io6 by itunes which resulted in an error that I forgot but the phone was searching for a network and failed to activate by itunes or wi-fi.
    Currently the installed firmware version is: 6.0gm
    and the baseband version is: 06.15.00-6.4_M3S2

    itunes error recommended I revert to the the backup which I tried and now I have an itunes error : there is no SIM card in the installed in the ipone you are attempting to activate.

    there is no SHSH backup

    following instructions to downgrade form 6.15 to 5.15 with redsn)w o9,0.1b2 I selected the current iPhone2,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw from my Mac iTunes files but redsnOw does not support it.

    I had downloaded a number of different 5.1 ipsw files to downgrade to with the intent of unlocking but can’t get that far.

    Apsinthe did not support the attached device.

    Is my io6 baseband different than the 6.15 Ipad file?

    Am I using redsn0w correctly by targeting the currently installed 6.15 file?

    Can I downgrade to 4.0 then up to the iPad 6.15 then down to an unlock able 5.1?

    Is this phone now junk?

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