How to Bypass or Activate iPhone 5 or 4S that Needs SSN and ZIP? |

How to Bypass or Activate iPhone 5 or 4S that Needs SSN and ZIP?

October 24th, 2012 0 Comments

Looks like Apple had beefed up security on iPhone 4S/5 which now require you to enter last 4-digit of SSN (Social Security Number) and Billing Zip Code.

About a few weeks ago we showed you a method to bypass iOS 6 without SIM card. However, Apple put a new and tighter restriction to make sure that only legitimate owners can activate their iPhones. This is an issue for many people who are not the first owner of the iPhone.

Before you buy an iPhone, please always make sure that you can activate it normally first! Otherwise, you will end up with an expensive brick! Currently, the only possible way to bypass it is using this method. However, this is not a real activation because you will notice that many apps will not work.

Don’t despair! We now offer SSN/ZIP activation! We work with our US telecommunication partners to provide you the information you need to activate your iPhone!

Get your iPhone activated now!

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