How to Install PPSSPP iPhone and iPad Sony PSP Emulator |

How to Install PPSSPP iPhone and iPad Sony PSP Emulator

March 27th, 2013 0 Comments

Do you wish to extend the capability of your iPhone or iPad? Try this Sony PSP Emulator called PPSSPP.

This multi-platform PPSSPP Emulator allows you to run PSP games or in other worlds to be emulated on your Apple iPhone or iPad.

Ready? Now let’s start on how to install PPSSPP Emulator. First thing first, your iPhone or iPad must be jailbroken. There are already tons of tutorials out there so I guess I won’t need to explain it here.

1. On your device, launch Cydia > Manage > Sources and then Edit. Tap Add and enter the following repo:

2. Wait for the repository to refresh and load the hosted packages. Now search for PPSSPP and select Install.

3. Once the install is done, exit Cydia and you will find PPSSPP on your Home screen.

4. Tap on the PPSSPP icon to launch the app.

In order for you to play games on it you need to load the .ISO or .CSO file or the “virtual disc” of the game.

How to Load .ISO or .CSO PPSSPP File into your Device

You must already have the .ISO file ready. There’s a whole separate tutorial on that or Google or download for it.

1. The default directory for PPSSPP on your device is under /var/mobile/Documents. You will need to use this directory to copy the .ISO or .CSO files into.

2. Thetypical file size of an .ISO file  is around 450MB so use iExplorer or similar file explorer computer application to copy them into your device.

3. Once you’ve loaded the file, simply launch PPSSPP and click Load and point it to the .ISO file from that directory.

Let the game begins… That’s all to it!

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